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Debbie P.

"Meryl, we want to thank you for the beautiful photographs that you took at our event. We are so happy we chose you to be our photographer. You had some wonderfully creative poses and captured the emotions of the event. In addition, everyone had a lot of fun at your photo shoot: you have such a great way with people. We will recommend you highly to all our friends and book you for our next event. Thanks!"

June S.

"All of the photographs of my children that I display at work were taken by Meryl. I can't even count on my fingers the number of compliments I have received about how great those photos are!"

Rina M.

"Some people instinctively know how to be photogenic on cue and always look fabulous in photos even when they're acting silly. Speaking for myself, I am not one of those lucky individuals. As a result, I don't have a lot of photos of myself that I really like. Either the shot is so overly posed that I don't look natural or it is so spontaneous that it draws attention to -- rather than obscures -- all my imperfections. Meryl has an uncanny ability to find the perfect balance -- one that is both natural and flattering. Thank you!"

Cathy G.

"Meryl's photos are alive. The people pop, the images reach out and grab you.She's also great with people, including sometimes cranky toddlers or grumpy teens! We've got great photos, thanks to Meryl."

Diana B.

"I asked Meryl to do head shots for my upcoming class reunion. She is a great photographer and I am very happy with the pictures. And in addition, we had a lot of fun doing the photo shoot!"

Rayne W. for SHA

"Meryl’s “tableau-style” photographs of our Kindergarten through 8th grade classes re-enacting scenes from the Book of Esther are absolutely beautiful. Despite an almost impossible time frame of only 20 minutes per class, Meryl managed to help oversee and orchestrate a visually dynamic scene – with impromptu costuming and props! – for each group of students, from five- and six-year olds to teens. Each photo was ‘stage-lit’ perfectly, and Meryl not only accurately captured the spirit and ambiance of each scene, she also celebrated the unique personalities of our students."

Aliana U.

"My daughter wanted me to tell you that she and her friends all think the photos are fabulous!"

Debbie S.

"The pictures are wonderful! You captured so much and are so talented!!"

Beth J.

Thank you for the great work! We love the photos!

Devora D.

Thank you so much for the stunning photographs. You captured so beautifully so many joyous moments. We will treasure them forever.